Tuesday Night Terror
First One in the Books

We had five strong riders leave from Bamber Valley at 6:05 pm today. We did the Byron to Douglas route, as previously mapped two weeks ago, and the pace was above 20+ as we crossed over 3 onto 5 through Byron. Thanks to Dave H, Don G., Bill Mo and Al for showing up. See you next week!

PPD before we even began.

Weather looks like crap. Severe alerts looming. See you next week for the kickoff.

5/04/2010 Ride

Hello speed freaks,

Here’s the map for tonight’s ride:


The ride begins at 6:00 pm SHARP…it’s a short one (less than 35 miles), so bring enough drink, gel, food, etc.

If you’re dropped along the way, make sure you know the route, or at least where you’re at, so you can find your way home.

Looks like there will be a 15-20 MPH SSW/W wind, which will be in our faces as we roll toward 5 and (hopefully) at our backs as we make our entrance into Douglas for the sign sprint.

Attacks are welcomed and encouraged. Like anything else in the cycling world, they can be predictable (at town signs), or unpredictable (when the lactic acid piss and vinegar fills your muscles). React accordingly.

You can opt to take whatever method home you’d like from there (stay on 3 or take shelter on the Douglas Trail, an acceptable option for those living off the DT).

See you tonight,